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Be Guided and Be Great

Jul 28, 2020

As a Soul having a human experience, your true communication comes from your energetic system, Your Clairs. 

This is how we see, hear and know our birth Guides, the Angels, our loved ones on the other side, and how we energetically interact with our environment and people around us.

In this episode, Kate Saint Clair...

Jul 22, 2020

It's common for people to be born a Psychic Medium and not even know it. In this episode, Kate explores the 5-Reasons You Should Know You're A Psychic Medium.

You are dealing with the energy on the psychic plane in every moment. And, if you're a Medium, you are dealing with Spirits in different dimensions.  

Let's talk...

Jul 8, 2020

This episode is dedicated to Jack; and to all of the other sweet, sensitive Souls on earth right now. 

Tummy aches, panic attacks, tears, anger, and much more...

Why are some kids having a harder time than others right now?

In this episode, lets talk about how our Sensitive kids are experiencing the world right now....